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Chua's circuit simulator
This Chua's circuit simulation is calculated using Javascript and projected in HTML5.
Initial: X: Y: Z:
Default X: 0.7    Y: 0      Z: 0
C1 Default: 15.6
C2 Default: 1
C3 Default: 28
M0: Default: -1.143
M1: Default: -0.714
Chua circuit equations:
   dx/dt = c1*(y-x-f(x)) 
   dy/dt = c2*(x-y+z)
   dz/dt = -c3*y
   f(x) = m1*x+(m0-m1)/2*(|x+1|-|x-1|)	
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We also have code and a 3D animation from a Matlab simulation of Chua's circuit