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Although this site recommends using a gyrator circuit, there may be some people who insist on using a real inductor. The circuit we use here requires around 18mH inductance, but the internal resistance should be less than 30Ω. This type of inductor may be difficult to find and purchase. There are only a few 'one-stop shop' electronics parts suppliers (including: Digi-Key , Jameco , Mouser , and Newark ) but only two of them supply the inductors we need. I have also found suitable inductors on Coilcraft.

There are only 2 Coilcraft inductors that I have found to work so far: the PCH-45X-186KLT and the PCH-45X-226KLT.

Coilcraft Part # Inductance Internal Resistance
PCH-45X-186_LT 18mH 13.2 Ω
PCH-45X-226_LT 22mH 15.2 Ω

The PCH series is shown in Figure A and the inductors listed above are show on a breadboard in Figure B. You can find a comparison of various PCH inductors here. The inductors use the same cores, with varying wraps of wire.

There is also one inductor from Newark that works well--the 53K4801:

Newark Part #Mfg.Mfg. Part # Inductance Internal Resistance
53K4801Vishay DaleIHD3EB223L 15mH 22 Ω

You can see this inductor in Figure C with a penny for size-comparison.

Finally, I have found a number of inductors from Mouser that work quite well. Their specs are listed below in the table and they are shown in Figure D and Figure E:

Pic. Ref.Mouser Part # Mfg. Mfg. Part # Inductance Resistance
A580-19R226C Murata PS 19R226C 22mH 16 Ω
B434-02-223J Fastron 07MFG-223J-50 22mH 15 Ω
C434-02-183J Fastron 07MFG-183J-50 18mH 18 Ω
D652-RL181S-183J-RC Bourns RL181S-183J-RC 18 mH 14 Ω
E807-4590R-186K API Delevan 4590R-186K 18mH 14.5 Ω
F807-4590R-226K API Delevan 4590R-226K 22mH 17 Ω
G542-5900-273-RC J.W. Miller 5900-273-RC 27mH 19.2 Ω
H542-5900-223-RC J.W. Miller 5900-223-RC 22mH 17.5 Ω

A special thanks to for recommending Coilcraft for good inductors! If anyone has any other experience with ordering inductors for Chua circuits, please contact me.