Chua's circuits are some of the simplest kinds of chaotic circuits. They are considered to be a classic example of true chaos due to their design and output. Using an oscilloscope you can witness a Chua's circuit create the strange attractor known as the double scroll. These beautiful patterns are truly chaotic and can be modeled by relatively simple nonlinear equations.

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Chua's circuit and Poor-man's Scope

On top of being a great example of chaos, they are easy to build. These circuits, invented by Leon Chua, also have many real-world uses ranging from research, to music and encryption. In fact, customized circuits can be implemented almost anywhere where real chaos or nonlinear output is necessary. Modified circuits can produce some bizarre and unpredictable effects, as you can see in our pictures and videos.

How to build A short tutorial on how to make your own Chua's circuit Matlab Simulations Matlab code for Chua's circuit simulations Videos A selection of videos of circuit output and more